- Justin Elliott, IT Maintenance Engineer Technician

You two are life savers. Thank you so much and you have definitely earned a Loyal customer. No one, and I do mean no one, was able to get me that price let alone get the product to me. I am grateful for the work and patience you have put into this.

- John Marshall, Founder & CEO, AirWatch

With a partner like BluePoint, who has a vast knowledge of mobility, customers can get the most of out of their applications and their investment in Airwatch. They are able to realize all of the potential ROI because BluePoint knows how to use it and how to maximize the benefits and functionality it offers.”

- Colby Grueber, Director of IT, Fortune 100 Company

The rapid growth of mobility requires companies to think beyond the basics and beyond utilizing mobility to address one area or problem within their respective businesses. In order to develop a comprehensive, strategic mobility platform, they need a partner who has the resources, experience and know-how to identify and execute with precision. Tom West and the BluePoint team are exactly this sort of partner."

- John Adamson, CIO, Floor and Decor

There is an evolution occurring in mobility, and while some companies have just begun to realize its potential, others have built a foundation and are ready to move beyond the basics to truly develop a strategic platform. BluePoint is an excellent partner for businesses at all stages of this process because they understand all parts of the mobility equation and have the necessary experience and resources to provide the direction companies need to get to the next level.”

- Joe Dawson, IBM Mobility division

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom West from the early beginnings when we were uncovering all of the possible benefits mobility could bring to business. Under his direction, BluePoint is a forward-moving company with a solid base of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend them to any business, big or small, looking to get the most out of mobility technologies today and in the future.”

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